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Ni da ki da nan dil la nan dida ki da ni da


You were programmed to destroy,
It's all been a giant lie,
Your friends are fake and your money's too...
Oh yeah,
Your money's made of paper,
(oh wait it's plastic now...)
Become a rockstar and live in a van
Become a new age modern man
I can see the alternative,
And i reckon it was so much better then..
Waiting for the easy answers,
but once you've found them,
yo've found a new hard reality,
Shiftng forms and a new decision.

project lief

Procedurally generated microcosm rpg. Just explore and craft, there are no levels or missions.

* Explore the city from the view point of a randomly generated character. Age, ethnicity, jobs are all assigned randomly. Highly involved and detailed dialogue, stories and characters. Opportunity to play as an NPC (perform a routine everyday)

*Highly sophisticated crafting system. Objects can be melded with each other and redesigned by users LIVE. The crafting system acts on realistic physics and chemistry models.

* Work jobs, earn money and engage in an extremely detailed and evolving gameworld.


ice cream planet - going to a planet of ice creams. the purple one tastes good. chocolate cement type ice cream rough texture. sort of hurts my tongue. but good.

Jalopy dream. Moving around a sugarcane farm. goes backwards and forwards.

Dream about someonw borrowing moms car, they always get close to crashing it and eventually do.
send to 21092016. plan to increase wellbeing by frequent cardio. this cleaning the room and organising the businesses must be the priority, the construction of the sleeping podium will be the beginning of a new phase.

22092016 30 min cardio completed ate dirty homemade pizzas. I am the last jayaraman in oz for one week....


"SO you've finally decided to see what your old man gets up to eh" JOhnson snickered a little, I was in his stremlined dark and modern office. "well, I jsut want to do my part in securing our future". Spoken like a true patriot, but you should know before beginning that there is a seventy five percent drop out rate. As you would know from your father this job can't be spoken about, the pay is no where near what you should get for putting your body and mind past it's breaking point. BUT in saying that, your physical and test scores put you in the 90th percentile. To make things simple, it was only a matter of time, till either we brought you in or you decided of your own accord to join. My thoughts went back to the moments in time when my father had expressed his only thoughts about his work. We were feted, secure in luxury, with the finest resources available. But there was a price, almost never seeing my father or only seeing an carefully controlled image of him. The one time he did have an outburst, cursing the agency as never taking enough. I now sat in front of Johnson. He slid forward the release forms. I had to know for myself....

Johnson led me to the elevator himself. The Female C/O took over. Our groupd was filled with other squad mates who did not appear to lively. "Alright", I'm going to be your C/O, most of you know what to expect as either you've been told about what is about to happen. But don't get too cocky. The most important thing is to follow my lead and don't do anyhting based on what you knew previously. When I say hit the decks, I mean it, If I tell you not to touch something it means don't touch it. Am I clear. we nodded. Most of the squad were people I'd known. Vaguely. They were always kept away from me, but close enough that I could recognise their faces.

elevator Going down

We started our descent into the facility. The elevator was see through and allowed us to see what was going on in that floor. We passed infantry teams engaged in a middle eastern simulation. The teams swirled as grenades were let off

scuba training
berserker factor
howl at the moon.
We don't know who the creator was, but he cursed us to a miserable existence. "Alright now. You should be good to go." The MEDIC tapped JAZZ on his shoulder. JAZZ wiped what was left of the servo oils off his input plugs and got up from the medical chair. He hated spending time in this dingy basement. The others had long since left for the day's work.

Our lives were miserable. We stood in between getting discovered or failing to get what we needed so we could keep going for the next week or so. Servo oil and whatever parts we needed to maintain our robot bodies. There never seemed to be enough. We staked out nearby Auto factories. Usually they wrote our attacks off as being just another junkie stealing to fund their addiction. They would have never guessed that were part of much bigger problem.

There were only four of us left now. TIMBAL and CHEETAH were captured on assignment. They were each like a mother and father respectively, having guided us through what we needed to do. And now they were gone. I kept my head down as I made it through the streets of downtown detroit. The maker had given us black skin and we assumed an appropriate position of meekness. Occasionally, I'd hear a passerby mutter, " Just another junkie". This suited our needs.

My area was the auto works from fifth and main street. I'd perfected the junkie stare and slow ambling walk. No one noticed me stopping to scoop up any metallic parts I'd found along the nature strips and alleyways. The paydirt was the abandoned auto factories, but these were almost always guarded by factions of the organics and sometimes even the police.

no path

no path to follow
looks like I'm on my own
no path to follow,
Survivals test,
No need for sorrow,
we left it all behind,


i will not beg or borrow
discoveries gates
Reverence hides,
the darker ending tide,
confused tendencies remixed societies

No path to follow,
Want to be Clean of all this mess,
They're going to put me to the test.

Family Acting

I was born in a small town near durban

Oh so curious... (in the style of Folk Ukelele)

Dad is late home again from school,
And yash has been delayed as well,
The feeling grips me, oh so fine,
Feeling like loose bag of twine,

Oh so curious,
Oh so curious,
You're making me feel so fine,

Oh so curious,
Oh so curious,
Taking me to the corners of my mind,

Passing breeze and tumbling road,
Living in Story book mode,
Had my fill, yes I've had my fill.
Walking is the only thing left to do.

Oh so curious x2
This landcould be yours and mine

Oh so curious x2
Everything expands in time..
mon ami vis a vis,
savour faire,
au contraire.
tele mundo affrogato